Anything Goes with the Bonis

Five Questions For Reflecting on the Pandemic

June 18, 2020

Our flight home was canceled so we're still here. Here are some of our thoughts reflecting on this pandemic.

  • 02:21 Carla is into
  • 05:50 Joe is into reading The Hobbit to Philip
  • 08:45 Philip is into cartoons
  • 09:54 Topic of the Day: Pandemic Thoughts
  • 10:28 What would you do differently if you knew there would be a pandemic?
  • 16:19 What are some of your unexpected pains in this pandemic?
  • 27:43 Hebrews 11 and the Philippines
  • 30:37 What are some of your unexpected joys or benefits in this pandemic?
  • 38:30 “I don’t want to do a call when a text would have done. I don’t want to do a face-to-face meeting when an online call would have done.”
  • 39:42 How has this pandemic affected your values?
  • 45:22 What are you learning about God during this pandemic?
  • 54:10 Q&A: “Is it selfish of me to want my husband to make me happy?”

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