Anything Goes with the Bonis

Reply 1988, Long Drives, Calling and Passion Fruit

May 31, 2020

Carla is into another KDrama. Joe likes driving long distances in the US. We get more into calling and passion fruit gets a surprising mention.

  • 01:00 Carla is into Reply 1988

  • 06:40 Joe is into long drives in the US

  • 12:00 Topic of the Day: Calling #2

  • 16:30 Finding Meaning in whatever you’re doing and the downside of doing that yourself

  • 20:35 Are we called to change the world?

  • 24:52 Until you fix it here (heart) And address it here (home) Nothing changes here (world)

  • 26:26 Mission without Discipleship will Fail / Discipleship without Mission is a Pyramid Scheme / Discipleship with Mission is God’s Kingdom

  • 31:17 How do we know our calling?

  • 36:00 How other people confirm your calling

  • 37:33 Can other people decide your calling for you? What’s the role of community?

  • 45:33 How do you deal with burnout or callings in toxic environments?

  • 51:41 Side Topic: Is being a pastor’s wife a calling?

  • 54:19 Does every callig have to do with making disciples?

  • 57:45 Question and Answer: How do you keep your kids in the car seat?

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