Anything Goes with the Bonis

Our Wedding, Unforgettable Weddings, What You Should Have for A Wedding

November 27, 2021

We took the time to remember some of the most memorable weddings we’ve been to. We talk about what made them special. And we also talked about our wedding and how things have changed since then. If you are looking to get married soon, we also share a few things we learned through the wedding process that has a lot to do with fear, foolishness, faith and Great Big Father God.


What We're Into: Taylor Swift and Screwtape Letters Audiobook (1:08)

Topic of the Day (14:41)

What have been some memorable weddings for you? (24:48)

Did you like our wedding? (41:26)

Tips for those who are planning to get married (43:50)

Question and Answer (1:05:15)

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